The Challenges of Renovating a Basement Space

January 31, 2017
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When renovating the interior of a home, there are a few rooms that are often high on the list of rooms that need to be renovated. All of these renovations can be done at one time if the person is looking for a whole house renovation. However, most homeowners will have to take on a gradual approach to renovations. This means renovating one or two rooms at a time until the entire home is renovated. This can be challenging when there are spaces that need renovations, which is often the case when it comes to Basement Renovations.


The challenge that many people have with Residential Renovation in the basement is that often time, so much of the basement will have to be renovated to make it into a useful space. Many renovations that take place in the basement tackle issues with the existing basement being unfinished. In addition, a basement is usually the place where things such a furnace, hot water heater or an HVAC system are located. It is also a common place for a washing machine or dryer. Finishing off a space that is unfinished is easy enough to do, but it can be expensive and it can make the renovation quite involved, especially if the basement space is going from something unfinished to something useful, like a rental space, a home office or a second family living area.

The other challenge is how much work could be needed in the basement. For example, basements commonly experience high levels of humidity or water leakage problems. To solve these problems, waterproofing methods will need to be employed. These waterproofing solutions can be simple, such as filling in cracks in the basement walls or floor, and they can be quite extensive by having to excavate around the exterior of the basement walls in order to rebuild and waterproof the existing walls. In addition, if the basement ceiling clearance is too low, some people opt to dig deeper down into the soil to lower the floor, increasing the ceiling height. This, not surprisingly, is an expensive renovation project.

With all of these factors in mind, residential renovations can be very important, especially in the basement of a home. With all the challenges that are faced in a renovation project focused on the basement, it can be a daunting task. Whether you’re undertaking renovating a basement space that has very little work that needs to be done or you’re dramatically changing an unfinished basement space into a finished product, the right types of professionals will need to be the ones handling the job. That’s why many people turn to Oakville Contractors to handle any of their basement, kitchen or any home renovation projects they are looking to undertake.

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